An Honest Review


Happy New Year! Like many others, I like to start the new year off with resolutions. One of my resolutions for 2016 is to incorporate more natural/organic products in my life. Since having Dash, G and I have been very vigilant to make sure he eats the healthiest foods and uses the safest products. In 2016 we are vowing to treat ourselves as well as we treat Dash.

As a first step, I am cleaning out my makeup bag. Last year Jessica Alba expanded her Honest empire to include beauty products. I tried a few when they first came out and really liked the quality so last week I ordered my first bundle. Similar to the Honest Company diaper bundles, the Honest Beauty bundles are subscription-based. You can pick 3 products for $50 and add up to 5 more at 25% off. You can cancel your bundle at anytime, but it the cheapest way to try the line. Also, there is a great 365 day return policy and they have a good faith exchange policy. If you don’t love a product, you can do a free exchange (they will send you a return label) and they will send out your new product right away. Overall, I am very happy all of my new makeup. Here are my thoughts on the products I received:

Everything Primer:


This product is what initially drew me into this product line. I like using a primer to even everything out and to provide a bit of a buffer between my skin and makeup. This product did not disappoint. It does exactly what it says- smooths skin and makes pores less noticeable. It also has a subtle golden glow which is great if you want to wear it alone. I require a bit more coverage, but it could be great for those days when you don’t want to wear make up. I will definitely be buying this one again.

Elevated Hydration Mist:


This is the first mist I have tried. I like the idea of a moisturizer and toner in one and this product also has a light, spa-like fragrance to it. I used this after cleansing and before the primer. I feel like it helped balance my skin and provided the perfect amount of hydration- I did not need to use an additional moisturizer. You can also spritz this throughout the day for a quick pick-me-up. I really like this product, but I think it is a nice to have, not a need to have.

Everything Cream Foundation

I have used tinted moisturizers almost exclusively for the last few years so I was hesitant to try a cream based foundation. Sometimes they can be too heavy or cakey. One of my favorite features of the Honest Beauty website is that it offers pictures of how the products look on women of various skin tones and ethnicities. I found myself to be in-between  “Almond” (darker shade) and “Camel” (lighter shade). I purchased both intending to keep the one that was the closet match but ended up keeping both and blending to create my perfect shade. I use the lighter shade near the center of my face, the darker shade around the edges and blend using a beauty blender. My skin tends to be oily and sometimes gets shiny throughout the day. After wearing the foundation for an entire day, my skin still looked fresh. I am very happy with my decision to create my own custom color and love the quality of this foundation.

Magic Balm:

magic balm

This all-purpose beauty balm was one of the first products I tried. I was initially excited about its versatility- you can use it really anywhere, but I have to admit that I am not always sure what to do with it. I think that because it does not have a specific function, I tend to over look it in my makeup bag. I always like it when I do remember to use it, but that is not very often. Verdict is still out on this one.

Truly Kissable Lip Crayons:

The line has two kinds of lip crayons, a demi-matte which offers a lipstick- like consistency and a sheer crayon with a lighter, hint color. I do not like to wear a lot of color on my lips. I am always on the hunt for the perfect nude and the “honey kiss” color (left) is my absolute favorite. Sometimes crayons are dry and end up creasing or cracking. This one has a great texture and is very moisturizing.  It is great alone and also as a base for lip gloss. I was not as impressed with the “blossom kiss” color. It did not do much for my lips. It is a beautiful color, but too sheer for me. I ended up exchanging this for another “honey kiss” crayon so I can keep one at home and one in my purse.

Lip Gloss:

I LOVE these glosses. They layer so well over my beloved “honey kiss” lip crayon and come in beautiful shades. “Generous Kiss” on the left is a beautiful pink-nude and “Dream Kiss” is a true nude gloss. The gloss is smooth, non-sticky, and it lasts- the lip gloss trifecta! I can’t wait to try “Creative Kiss,” a grape-nude, and “Kind Kiss.” an apricot-pink, in my next bundle!

Speaking of my next bundle, I am excited to try out more products soon. I opted for delivery every 8 weeks, but might move up my next bundle so I can get my hands on the tinted moisturizer, luminizing powder, and concealer. Let me know what you’ll be trying!





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